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The Culinary Arts Certificate consists of the 28-week Professional Cook 1 (PC1) and the 14-week Professional Cook 2 (PC2).  The Certificate provide students with culinary training and management skills, giving them the leading edge to advancement in the culinary profession. Upon entering the Certificate program, culinary students are registered as Professional Cook 1 apprentices, gaining technical training while accruing apprentice hours. As a part of both the Culinary Arts Certificate, students participate in a paid co-op work placement, gaining industry work experience and additional apprentice hours.

Upon entering the program, culinary students:

  • Are registered as Professional Cook apprentices. The Culinary Arts Certificate consists of 28-week Professional Cook 1 (PC1), and the 14-week Professional Cook 2 (PC2), and a paid Co-op work practicum.
  • At the beginning of the first year of the Certificate program, students spend three weeks in our state of the art food lab, focusing on learning basic cooking skills and good culinary habits without production pressure. Students then move to the main kitchen, rotating through five separate sections.
  • Students will prepare breakfast, vegetables, starches, and proteins, as well as study cold kitchen, pastry, and meat cutting. Food produced by the students is served in the VIU cafeterias and Discovery Room dining room.

Admission Requirements – Culinary Arts Certificate

  • Grade 12, or equivalent or mature student status.
  • Mature students without Grade 12 will be required to complete an assessment test.
  • Minimum 17 years of age.
  • Interview may be required.
  • Submission of copy of Foodsafe Level I certificate (see Note below).
  • Criminal record check, for Powell River campus only.
  • See also Trades general admission requirements.

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Program Coordinator

Contact Rob Gowan-Smith for any questions or further information regarding Culinary Arts.

Rob Gowan-Smith: Coordinator of Career Options
Phone: 754-2447


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