Dual Credit Enrichment


Dual Credit Enrichment 2023-2024

Applications are now closed for the 2022-23 School Year

Welcome to the CTC’s Dual Credit Enrichment (DCE) Program


This program is in partnership with VIU.

The Pre Registration Package for 2023 – 2024 will be sent by email starting February 7th, 2023 to every student that applies.

Dual Credit registration is open to grade 11 students! This program allows grade 12 students to attend VIU. Current grade 11 students are able to apply for VIU courses before regular VIU registration opens! This exciting opportunity is available to all students that meet CTC and VIU course prerequisites and requirements.

Students can enroll in 1-2 courses per semester with a maximum of 4 courses in the school year. It
is important to discuss this option with your parents, counselor, VIU advisor, and CTC Staff. The courses MUST lead to a “specific career”

1. Dual credit students will earn both 4 high school grade 12 elective and 3 university
credits per course (these courses do not count toward your scholarship GPA).
2. To be considered, a student MUST be of school age or younger (18 years old as of July 1st of the school year that they will be attending VIU courses) and a non-graduate.
3. To be considered, a student MUST be taking courses in both a district high school and
VIU (students can NOT be registered in VIU dual credit courses only).
4. Dual Credit Enrichment students can apply to take up to 2 courses, per semester,
to a maximum of 4 courses (or equivalent credits).
5. High school courses will be reviewed to ensure they meet all VIU course prerequisites (i.e. English 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Drama 11, etc.).
6. All prerequisites must be complete before starting the VIU course (unless special permission is granted)


Please use this course catalog as a reference only for planning.  VIU Course Time Table: VIU Spring 2021

Course availability will be updated to include Fall 2023 when it is published by VIU. New courses are added each year so if you would like a course that is not on the list, contact the CTC and we will do our best to have it added.

Students must state a specific career goal and include a VIU Program Outline that shows how the dual credit course(s) are required for that program. This articulation guide may help you: VIU Articulation Guide Students that are transferring to another university must also use the BC TRANSFER GUIDE to show that the course will transfer.

Only complete applications will be reviewed. All applicants will be contacted about the application status.

Program Costs:

The CTC will pay tuition for all approved courses.

Students are responsible for the VIU application fee, student fees, student activity fees, materials, travel, parking, and textbooks costs.

If you drop out of all VIU courses you register for, you could be responsible for the $200.00 VIU registration fee.

If you wish to take a course that is not approved by the CTC you can pay for the course directly to VIU and possibly still receive dual credit. Talk to the CTC staff about this option.

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Important Deadlines / Dates

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