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Dual Credit Enrichment Fall 2020 – 21

Welcome to the CTC’s Dual Credit Enrichment (DCE) Program

Due to COVID 19 VIU is going online for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Terms. This means a great opportunity for NLPS 68 Grade 12 students. You will be able to take up to two VIU courses during the Fall semester.

There are two options: Package A- Apply to VIU directly and pay yourself. With this option, you can take any course(s) available listed in the link below and have no responsibility to the School District for extra work or criteria. With this option, you may approach your school after completion to ask for prior learning credit towards your graduation.

Package B – The district pays your tuition (about $421.00/course) but you must complete the requirements set out in the Package and do some extra work for the CTC. With this option, your VIU course(s) will automatically count for a PSI course(s) towards your graduation (each VIU course = 1 Grade 12 Elective Course)

Package C – This is for students already active in a VIU fall course and wish to add one or two for the spring.

1. If you are paying for the course yourself use Package A 

2. If you want the District to pay use Package B

3. If you are continuing a Program Deadline November 27, 2020 Package C

3. VIU Course Time Table: VIU Spring 2021 

(Courses highlighted in yellow indicate a course that takes place outside high school hours).

For Package B and C: Students must state a specific career goal and include a VIU Program Outline that shows how that the dual credit course(s) are required for that program. This articulation guide may help you: VIU Articulation Guide Students that are transferring to another university must also use the BC TRANSFER GUIDE to show that the course will transfer.

Only complete applications will be reviewed. All applicants will be contacted about the application status.

Information about Dual Credit “ENRICHMENT”

1. To be considered, a student MUST be attending both districts high school courses and VIU courses (students can NOT be registered in dual credit courses only).

2. To be considered, a student MUST be school age or younger (18 years old as of July 1st of the school year that they will be attending VIU courses) and a non-graduate.

3. Dual credit students can earn both high school (grade 12 elective) and university credit.

4. Dual Credit Enrichment students can apply to take up to 2 courses per term and must meet VIU course prerequisites (if any).

If using Package B and C The tuition is paid for by the school district but students are responsible for the application fee, student fees, student activity fees, materials, travel, parking, and textbooks costs.

Enrichment Courses

Dual Credit registration is open to grade 11 students! This program allows grade 12 students to attend VIU.  Grade 11 students are able to apply for VIU courses before public registration opens!  Students can enroll in up to two courses per semester and four courses per year. It is important to discuss this option with your counselor and parents.

For more information, visit these links:

Program Coordinator

Contact Derek Beeston for any questions or further information regarding Dual Credit Enrichment.

Derek Beeston: District Principal Careers
Phone: 250-714-4842
Email: dbeeston@sd68.bc.ca


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