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The Career Technical Center

Every student will graduate with attributes, credentials, and experiences to connect their career life plan with their individual talents and passions in pursuit of a balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life.


The Career Technical Centre (CTC) offers a unique educational opportunity for students grades 4-12.  Here is a list of some our programs:

  • Grades 4-7:  Trades “Tool Box” Trailer, project-based learning resources, “Trades Olympics” (gr. 7)
  • Grades 8-12:  Classroom or Assembly Career Pathways Presentations
  • Grade10-12:  Trades Intro (NDSS site), Discovery Trades (VIU), WEX, SSA
  • Grade 12:  Trades Intro (NDSS Site), Discovery Trades (VIU), WEX, SSA, AceIt, Dual Credit Enrichment


The Career Technical Centre offers many programs to help youth transistion from secondary school to post-secondary training p...

Pathway Programs

Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools offers a variety of district career programs for grades 7-12. The main goal with these caree...