Information Technology & Applied Systems – Two Pathways


Information Technology & Applied Systems

The Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS) department offer two information technology diploma programs for prospective students to choose from. They are the Systems Administration and Networking diploma and the Web and Mobile Development diploma. Both programs were developed in concert with local and global industry input to recognize the rapid growth in the IT sector and the need for skilled graduates who can fill the current and projected high-demand job openings. Featuring small class sizes and hands-on experiential learning, graduates in either program will have the employable skill sets needed to begin their IT careers!

Systems and network administrators are a key part of the IT workforce. They work with servers, operating systems, and the networking equipment that keep companies operating and online. This includes applications such as e-mail and web server management both in the cloud and in data centers all while maintaining strong cybersecurity practices.

Web and mobile developers design and implement user-friendly web and mobile applications that support multiple mobile devices and web browsers to ensure that an organization’s clients and customers can access their online services.

About 90% of graduates enter the IT workforce directly after completing their diploma with VIU and their 5-year surveys show a great track record of industry progression in terms of career ascension and wages with continual learning and training funded by the employer.

Continued Studies:

Both pathways are accepted directly into the 3rd equivalent year of the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology – Information Systems 4-year major at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with the 4th year being a paid co-op position.

Students can also ladder into the 3rd year of VIU’s comp-sci degree program and receive credit towards first and second-year comp-sci electives with their ITAS diploma. (Some additional course work required) 

Credit for IT Certifications:

Some applicants may already hold industry certifications such as CompTIA’s A+®, Security+®, Microsoft’s MCSA, MCSE, Adobe/Macromedia’s MMCP, or others. ITAS gives credit for selected IT certifications towards an ITAS diploma.

Admission Requirements

  • General admission requirements apply.
  • Letter of application describing reasons for wanting to take the program (500 – 1,000 words). Include name and contact information, including email. A handout is available outlining the required content of application letter.

Recommendations for Admission

  • One of Principles of Mathematics 12, Applications of Mathematics 12, or Foundations of Mathematics 12.
  • Two years of previous experience with computers, including experience installing and maintaining operating systems, and using office productivity software.
  • ICT 11 & 12 (High School Info Tech).

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Important Deadlines / Dates

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Essential Documents

  • No essential documents are required at this time careers-certificate-program