Employers can support k-12 students by speaking to classes, attending special events, joining a business advisory committee, donating resources, and offering work experience placements. Employers can play a key role in shaping the health of a community.  Youth make more informed decisions about career choices and post-secondary training when there is strong, solid, support from peers, parents, teachers, counselors, and employers.

What Can Employers Offer?

offer short term (10-30 hour) and long term (up to 90 hour) volunteer work placements

donate building materials, safety gear, work boots and/or training certifications

speak to students about employment forcasts, essential employee qualities/skills,

How Will Employers Benefit?

meet the student on an unpaid work experience program before committing to a paid or apprenticeship placement

access youth who have recently completed pre-employment training or certificate training (i.e. Food Safe Level 1, World Host, WHMIS, Fall Protection, etc.)

become eligible for Tax Benefits (for students that are employed, especially Secondary School Apprenticeship students)